B.A.M. Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Program


Q. What is B.A.M.?  

A. It stands for Breakdown & Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists, and was founded in California by biker and attorney Russ Brown. Currently, there are over 800,000 volunteer members nationwide.

Q. What are the member benefits?  

You can use the toll-free 24-hour hotline which is good throughout the United States to obtain roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown; legal assistance in the event of an accident; blood donor program; hospital visitation by members; plus much more.

Q. How does it work?  

A. You will complete a form (either online or by mail) to become a member. After the application is processed, you will receive a membership card (like the one above) with your member number noted on the lower right corner. In the event you need roadside assistance (breakdown or accident), call 1-800-4-BIKERS to reach their 24-hour hotline. By giving them your location, it will help them contact other B.A.M. members in the vicinity who will come to your aid.

Q. How can I volunteer with B.A.M.? 

A. When you complete the application, you can answer "YES" to volunteer for any of the following areas: Donate Blood; Have move a motorcycle with a trailer or truck; Provide emergency motorcycle repair or parts delivery; Store a motorcycle for a few days; or Home or hospital visit after an accident.  

Q. What's in it for Russ Brown the attorney? 

A. Mostly, it's the feeling of having provided a means by which motorcyclists can help one another. Occasionally lawsuits are necessary following an accident involving a motorcycle. Russ Brown not only represents bikers in California, but has a network of trained motorcycle-accident attorneys nationwide in the event one is needed. 

"Learn More" to be transferred to the B.A.M. website where you can submit your application for the B.A.M. program.